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Party Race Type Status Runs Karma
Cleetus Human Mercenary Unknown 2 ?
Digdug Dwarf Information Expert Alive 8 ?
Dre Elf Caster Fled Seattle 2 ?
Jynx Elf Charisma Caster Alive 10 ?
Ludo Troll Melee Hulk Alive 9 ?
Tommy Zu Orc Awakened Melee Dead 9 ?
Varag Orc ? Fled Seattle 2 ?
Zerk Orc Insane Grunt Alive 2 ?
Ziff ? ? Dead 3 ?

Note: The ‘Runs’ might be a bit off, I get confused in the extraction part 3 and to hunt a barghest. Please let me know where mistakes are made. I have to admit, for a total of 18 runs, I was surprised that Jynx had only been on 10.

The Warehouse and the Fire
Playing: Jynx, Dre
Background: Horns set the pair of elves up with Hunter, a Johnson. Hunter needed the pair of them to burn down a factory of the gang the Bluecoats. It seems the drug war was heating up and the Xian’s were now looking dominant. The Bluecoats were getting desperate and had gone for one large shipment. Unknown to the Bluecoats, the Xian’s were short on weapons and manpower for the time, and needed an external group to step in.
The Run: Things went fairly well, although the captain Dash nearly look down Dre.
Notes: Against instructions, Jynx decided to steal a small quantity of the drugs, although useless in unrefined state.
Aftermath: Word was that the Bluecoats were nearly extinct after this. The Xians stepped up their presence around the southwest suburb of Newport.

Assaulting the Labs
Playing: Dre, Varag, Zerk
Background: A Johnson representing a minor firm of Nicavae approached the Dre and Varag for a raid on a laboratory. Nicavae were hot on the stock exchange at the time, and had some major products announced that would compete with Renraku. They feared action from Renraku, and wanted to hit their labs to ensure their attention was elsewhere. The group were supplied top equipment, including full body armour suits.
The Run: The run needed three, and Dre was forced to hire an external street-sam. He was given three choiced and interviewed one(?!), Zerk. Zerk performed his job of drawing attention from the main security well. Got in, got the requested data, got out.
Notes: It was wondered why the equipment was provided, as it was insisted that they use it. Zerk got a little excited and blasted more than he needed to with his Panther.
Aftermath: The armour and equipment was captured on video monitors. This was led back to Nicavae. Tense times between the corps produced a settlement where Renraku bought out Nicavae. Indeed, things went so well for Renraku it put a question over what company hired the group in the first place. Oh, and Zerk is now convinced he has new best friends and will not leave the group alone.

Seattle Hath No Fury
Playing: Jynx, Ludo, Varag
Background: Were approached by an elf called Elincia Gatrie, who looked human. She was born to a leader of Humanis and was surgically modified as a teenager by her father. She had quite a bit of resentment and hired the group to kill as many as possible, and spraypaint her name around so they would know who was responsible.
The Run: Jynx sprayed her name on the roof before planing a bomb they had bought. He actually wrote Ecinlia. Also, the bomb they proved turned out to be a tad large. It destroyed the entire building, half of the hamburger place next door (killed a few in there) and shattered windows for about 1km around the blast.
Notes: There was also an argument beforehand about the cost of grenades, and things soured with Hunter and the new dealer Chapman.
Aftermath: After killing a few innocents the group lay low for a few months. Elincia was thankful and said they group would never hear from her again.

Down by the Docks
Playing: Ludo, Jynx, Digdug, Zerk
Background: Chapman contacted you guys after the deal went bad. He didn’t hold a grudge and was sick of the Xians. He was leaving town and needed one last shipment to pay off some people. He was worried about the Xian’s attacking while he unloaded. All everyone had to do was guard the people unloading.
The Run: Zerk wouldn’t leave Ludo alone, and Ludo decided to take him along. Things went bad. The shipment was supposed to be there at 1am and it doesn’t come. Minutes turned to hours and a few irritable calls to Chapman were made. At 2.31am the boat arrived. However everyone started getting shot by the Xian’s on board. They were taken out and Chapman got his goods.
Notes: Ludo crashed his motorbike in an attempt to look cool, it cost more than he got for the run. Jynx was annoyed with Chapman over things going wrong the ‘Runners couldn’t control, Chapman refused any extra cash, but promised he would have a word to the right people about how good they were.
Aftermath: Chapman leaves town. Everyone gets paid. Ludo seems to be warming to the insanity of Zerk.

House of Evil
Playing: Ludo, Digdug
Background: A Johnson from an unnamed Corp to clean a mansion out frm the evil that has been detected. Some Exec seemed to have some questionable hobbies.
The Run: Quite confusing, but once the lower area had been discovered the pair found cages, raw meat, and a pit containing Barghests and Hellhounds.
Notes: Zerk and Ludo get into a fight with the Xians before they run. They win convincingly, although they are warned that Xians do not forget.
Aftermath: They are hired to do a repeat job.

House of Evil Redux
Playing: Digdug, Tommy Zu
Background: Once again they are hired by a Johnson to clean out a house.
The Run: Things went much the same as the time before. Laziness by the GM or could this mean something? There were valuables hidden behind magic areas that were protected by riddles.
Notes: 2 of the 3 riddles were solved. They left with an expensive custom cyber arm.
Aftermath: They start to hear rumours about the Baghest and the Hellhounds being spotted around Seattle.

The Xian Hunt
Playing: Tommy Zu, Jynx, Digdug
Background: Xian’s are making life difficult. It is hard to buy weapons that aren’t through them, and thanks to the Moron brothers, Ludo and Zerk, they now have a grudge against the group. It is decided to kill a whole bunch of them. They find some bluecoats, which now are only two brothers caring for their old father, Helio Alencar, who was once awakened but appears to have gone insane. They get directions to a lab.
The Run: Turns out to be quite easy. 5 Xians are killed, although not as much they hoped would be there.
Notes: It is discovered that some beats have been attacking the Xians. They fear there is a magical jinx against them.
Aftermath: When they kill a Baghest Helio appears in front of each of them and delievers Helio’s Prophecy. Things are getting strange.

The Cleansing, Part 1
Playing: Ludo, Jynx, Tommy Zu
Background: The group was approached by Leon, a representative for Lataron. It seems that a girl, Reyha, who works in the research department has been infected with a highly lethal virus. The virus cannot spread, but is designed for maximum evolution, and it is feared that it is only a matter of time. You can get inoculated, but there is no cure. She has flown home to the United Baltic States, and is in a small village Ilukste. There are three sections of the village to search, after each section a rendezvous with Leon on his chopper will be held. The company very much wants a peaceful solution.
The Run: This two house area seems to be no problem. The first place make them feel unwelcome but Reyha is not there. Someone makes a run for a second section. In the second place they meet an enraged father. Violence breaks out. Ludo eats the food he was cooking and realises it contains high quantity of sedatives. Upstairs there are blood soaked rags eveywhere. They get shot at by a sniper.
Notes: There are strange symbols everywhere.

The Cleansing, Part 2
Playing: Jynx, Ludo, Digdug
The Run: Ludo gets a jab of adrenaline. The Sniper continues to take shots. They cannot find him. They walk into the village and it is quiet. Suddenly they are ambushed by many gun weilding villagers. This reaction surprises the group. They are forced to kill many of them.
Notes: Quiet a humours part when Ludo was trying to intimidate someone into surrendering when they were already dead. He didn’t notice, and was quite frustrated that the guy was unresponsive.

The Cleansing, Part 3
Playing: Tommy Za, Jynx, Digdug.
_The Run:_Making their way over the bridge they arrive and find Reyha in great pain being tended to by a priest. The priest explains the story. 7 years ago Lataron bought smart teenage girls from the area. This was a mutually beneficial deal since it gave opportunity to those who would not have had it, from such a poor village. The girls went to work in seperate parts of the corporation. However, they are forbidden contact with their family until deemed mature enough to keep confidence. This didn’t sit well with the village. Then one arrives in a panic. Extremely sick, delusional, and convinced she will be killed or worse. They cared for her as best they could, but she is nearing the end. The party remembers being told “there is no cure”. The priest wants her to stay and die in her home. The party cannot fail, but do not want to give her back to Lataron. Since this is a DOA mission, they decide to put her down humanely. Jynx does the honours. They carry her back to the chopper. Notes: Symbols turn out to be nothing more than markings where a bear has been shot. Jynx thinks to get a list of other girls names. Curious as to what is going on. Cool moment where Tommy Za knocked himself out casting a spell at the sniper.
Aftermath: They are a bit testy at Leon, but it appears he knows little more than his role as an operative commander would indicate, and they don’t push it too far, as this is big money. Jynx takes some of her blood in case they get blackmailed later. They all get the jab, but Jynx insists Leon gets the first one, as he wonders how honest they are being.

To Hunt a Barghest
Playing: ?Digdug and Zu? Not counted in total.
Background: Leon has been given orders to get his external crew to kill some Barghests and Hellhounds that have been patrolling the suburbs. He admits this makes little sense to him, and he is a bit shaken still from the Extraction.
The Run: Everything goes according to plan. They were living in some sort of waterway. Jynx notices one of the dead ones smells a like like Reyha’s distinctive smell and he is a bit confused.
Aftermath: Leon has promised to find out what he can. He is going increasingly dissatisfied with Lateron. In the week that follow a massive viral epidemic hits Seattle, and in the weeks, North America. Hundreds of thousands are dying. The symptoms are quite similar with that of Reyha. Fortunately there is a cure – from guess who, Lateron. Everyone in the world starts getting inoculated. Their stock soars over a thousand times what it was. Company directors are billionares.

An Offer Too Far
Playing: Ludo, Digdug, Tommy Zu, Cleetus
Background: Leon has been told to offer them a wetware, taking out a man called ‘Medic’. Leon has done some research and found him to be an altruistic street doctor. They refuse, Leon is grateful and joins their party under the name ‘Cleetus’. They talk to Medic instead who claims to be trying to synthesise an innoculation for the millions that can’t afford it. It has been spread by Barghests and Hellhounds. He needs a live one to look at. He takes blood from the entire party (one of each race, Jynx later refuses) to look at and, with help from Cleetus, they set out to capture a Barghest.
The Run: They break into a small facility where Lataron are keeping an infected Barghest and manage to sedate it and take it back.
Notes: After this Cleetus will no longer have security clearance with Lateron.
Aftermath: It gets worse. They need blood from patient zero mixed with blood from an original inoculation. Cleetus tells of rumours that Wonton, CEO of Lateron is actually a large spirit. He only meets with select few, but recently has been meeting with the girls from Ilutske. He might know who patient zero is, and who has been inoculated with the original injections, unlike the disposable ones you can buy today.

The Extraction
Playing: Jynx, Digdug, Tommy Zu, Cleetus
Background: Cleetus can no longer get access into anything inside of Lataron. They decide to rescue one of the girls from the village, Kyra Runteroff. They need information about Lataron and Wonton.
The Run: They manage to infiltrate a house where she lives with another Lataron employee. To their surprise, she doesn’t want to be rescued. They get information about Wonton and learn she has a meeting with him at the top of Jade Tower in the city later in the week.
Aftermath: Kyra gives them five names of people who may have had the original inoculation. Medic calls – it appears they will not need this information as the group had the original inocuation. All they need to do is mix Wonton’s blood with their own and they will have a cure that will spread across the world and all will be saved.

Playing: Digdug, Tommy Zu, Ludo, Cleetus
Background: They group have decided to hijack Krya and use her clearance to get to Wonton. There they will kill him and steal his blood.
The Run: Hijacking Krya works and they feel slightly bad about it. As they come to the top of the tower they realise that large parts of Helio’s Prophecy has been fufilled. They enter the door and battle the large spirit creature. Cleetus nearly dies but they suceed. Ludo is the first one to inject Wontons blood into himself. He becomes permantly marked as a result.
Notes: The group aquire new powers as a result. Lots of Karma was given out. They take some of Wonton’s blood.
Aftermath: Medic inspects them and proclaims his fears are correct. This is a magical cure and it can only be spread by one of them dying. No one offers to kill themselves to save hundreds of thousands of lives. The GM is very dissapointed that no infighting breaks out in the group. They all resolve to find another way, too bad for those who die in the meantime.

Into the Night
Playing: Jynx, Ziff, Tommy Zu
Background: They look at their list of five names and decide to go after Kenneth Kolon.
The Run: They manage to break into his plain prision like house but he isn’t home. He owns nothing but a meat puppet, it takes them a while but Jynx figures out what she is and that she isn’t useful.
Aftermath: They group decide to continue their search.

The Decent
Playing: Ludo, Jynx
Background: This time they decide to go after Christopher Espinola.
The Run: His home is a bizarre avery style property, and they are attacked by magical lightning beathing birds. They get in and find him and learn he did not have the cure, but he knows who does: Barbara Fiorentino. They kidnap him and drive him around for a while before letting him go.
Aftermath: They are nervous that Lataron will know who they are after, they endevour to get to Barbara as soon as they can.

In Cold Blood
Playing: Ludo, Ziff, Tommy Zu
Background: The need to get in, inject her with Wonton’s blood, and kill her and they will save many lives and end Latarons profits.
The Run: They find her unguarded and waiting them. Lataron knows what they are doing and is basically sacrificing her so the group will leave them alone. They are already rich and a cure will not stop most people getting inoculated. She reveals that she knew nothing about the disease and was one of those who worked on the antidote. She asks them not to murder her, as she has done nothing wrong. They claim she worked for an evil corporation. She agrees, but says so did you, and all I did was try to fight infectious disease, you’ve done much worse for them. Tommy Za feels conflicted about the murder now they realise she isn’t an evil exec, and that the board are basically happy to watch her die. Ludo doesn’t and he does the honours. As they leave, snipers start plugging them with nonlethal ammo. They can’t get away.
Aftermath: They are captured and not killed. Ludo and Tommy Zu are released with a warning from Lataron. You have us in a corner. Facing press exposure and with our CEO and founder now dead, you will serve us more as a peaceful truce than getting into a war. We will keep your friend to ensure you do not move against us. If you do we will forced to do what we can to kill you.

Lataron, Head On!
Playing: Ludo, Tommy Zu, Ziff
Background: The group are convinced the person released will have a mind bomb. They decide to move against Lataron. They discover where Ziff is being kept.
The Run: Tommy Zu tries to break into the house and as soon as he does the house blows up, killing Ziff and Tommy Zu. Ludo sees it from across the street and drives away as siren close in.
Notes: There is something to be said for picking your battles. Engaging in a war with a giant corporation might not have been the best move.
Aftermath: The surviving members flee to Seattles surroundings and hide for six months. Their next move is unknown.

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