WARNING: The following campaign is not suitable for those who are under the age of 18, or who are offended by swearing or otherwise offensive behaviour.

The swealtering yet wet city of Seattle is a juxtaposition of huge wealth and desperate poverty, as drugs, money and power cast a giant shadow over the city’s populace. Good and Evil are abstract notions, long forgotten in a time when people had more than a slight influence over their destiny.

Two charismatic elves leave their place in high society for the thrills of Seattle’s underbelly. Soon they are joined by other shadowrunners, the invisible warriors with the lifestyle of street thugs, yet participate in silent wars between the mega corporations of earth. Huge wealth is obtainable, but the price of failure is ever high.

Clean your weapons, have an exit strategy, and above all, never look back.

TO DO LIST (in order)
  • Since we won’t be playing this campaign for a while, so focus on our d&d pages
  • Read over the campaigns, especially check if I’ve got you down for the correct runs
  • Let me know your total karma
  • Create any characters you might have made
  • Feel free to add / expand anything to the runs or NPC’s that might be relevant.
  • I am going to convert the runs to pages in the adventure log, like the campaign ‘the weight of rubies’.

Hot Seattle Nights

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